Crystal Information

Below is a list of some of our range, along with their properties. For more information, consult us at by calling 051 382403.


A variety of chalcedony said to improve natural vitality and energy and increase self-confidence. Balances emotions and calms the mind and feelings. Powerful healer. Stone of health & Good fortune.


Feldspar mineral generally used to help soothe the nervous system and give some relief to those suffering from emotional disturbances. Helps with metabolism and growth, and also regulates and improves thought.


Not really a stone, but fossilised resin from prehistoric trees. Amber is used to best effect by those with throat or respiratory problems, rheumatism, endocrine system, spleen and heart. It remembers past centuries and helps with absent-mindedness, and absorbs bad energy.


Known as a spiritual stone, used for general healing and meditation, amethyst clears, purifies and helps with addictions, stress and tensions. It is said that a piece of amethyst beneath the pillow promotes intuitive dreams and also relieves insomnia and helps in times of grief. Protects against toxic effects, acne, blood diseases. Soothes and calms the mind, raises the spirit, protects from negative vibrations. It is a very good idea to have an amethyst cluster in your room because of its cleansing and energising properties.


Strengthens muscle tissue, aids in co-ordinating basic motor responses. Assists people suffering from stuttering and hypertension.

Aqua Aura

Improves heart, lungs, throat and thymus. Helps those suffering from emotional traumas, and in the release of inner emotional tension from deep within the body. Helps meditation.


A beryl, said to be most useful dealing with the problems of the eyes, liver, throat, stomach, nerves and glands. Relieves toothache, improves sight, it is reputed to increase self knowledge and promote clear and logical thinking, and is thus carried as a good luck charm. Inspirational


Said to be useful in relieving migraine, and soothing the eyes, traditionally the stone was left in water overnight and the water used to bathe the eyes, and similarly to treat skin irritations. Aventurine is a soother and helps relaxation. It relieves tension and encourages independence, courage, and serenity. Gives adventure in love and sport.


Said to aid psychic development and meditation. A very powerful stone, it is used to treat arthritis and joint disabilities. Copper content enhances flow of energy through the nervous system and strengthens the blood.


Believed to help overcome depression, also those who suffer from pains of an emotional rather than a physical cause. It is a purifier of the blood, and strengthens and detoxifies organs, particularly heart, liver, kidneys, and spleen. Provides vitality and balances all of the chakras.

Blue Lace Agate

A very calming stone, helpful for freely expressing one’s feeling. Provides cool and soothing energy, good for neutralising red energies such as anger, infection, fevers etc.

Calcite (Honey)

Carries the golden healing ray. Gives comfort, helps cheer depression. Good for most of what ails you.

Calcite (Green)

Helps Kidneys, spleen, and pancreas. Removes toxins and alleviates fear. Aids mental clarity, calms turbulent energies. Aids intuition and awareness. Good when undertaking mental change.

Calcite (Orange)

Helps Gall bladder, improves physical energy, expends awareness as above


Highly evolved healer, used for understanding one’s rhythms and cycles. Strengthens voice, helps rheumatism, arthritis, depression, neuralgia. Used for fertility and impotence and treatment of many ailments. Protects from evil, grounds energies and assists concentration and mental focus.


Improves bone marrow, spleen, red corpuscles and heart tissue. Stimulates optimism and enhances one spiritual and artistic creativity.

Chalcopyrite (Peacock ore)

Helps cheer those with  constant worries, also improves prosperity and consciousness.


Dissolves fear by helping it come to the surface so that it may be faced and dealt with.


The woman’s friend, relieving tension, pains, problems, and general stomach problems. Alleviates guilt, cleanses all negativity and brings inner peace and contentment.


Eases sexual frustration and depression. Increases fertility. Helps one see clearly into personal problems. Brings light heartedness.


Understood to help those who feel they have lost their way in life to find a new sense of direction and purpose. Attracts self worth, dissolves emotional blocks. Also said to help in cases of poor circulation and to strengthen immune system and aid tissue regeneration. Improves the quality of life, sometimes bringing prosperity, Reduces harmful effects from electrical products.


General Healer, relieving mental stress, promotes love, relaxation, abundance, and emotional expressiveness. Good for those that, through loss, fear to love again, helps heal the heart in order to trust again.


Helps intellect & memory, improves eloquence, and helps tired eyes and insomnia. Purported to give power to see into the future and grant success in business. Said to release emotionally based trauma.


Fluorspar. Powerful healer, it grounds balances and focuses one’s energies. Helps heal holes in one’s auras where one is drained. Aids physical and mental healing. Strengthens bone tissue, especially teeth enamel. Relieves dental disease, pneumonia and viral inflammation.


Regenerative and revitalising tonic for the whole system, strengthening the blood and helping with circulatory problems. Recommended for those who need to improve self confidence, and increase their courage. Assists in past life recall, increases determination. Attracts love


Natural Ferric Oxide. Improves all blood disorders. Reduces stress, combats insomnia. It is said to help increase courage, concentrate energy, and strengthen the heart. It is a stone you’ll either love or hate.

Herkimer Diamond

A very powerful stone with similar qualities to quartz. It is a friend to all, with the ability to draw out toxins and release stress and tension throughout the body.It boosts the power of other crystals.

Iron Pyrites

Natural sulphide of iron. Aids digestive system. Eases anxiety, depression, and frustration, and opens mind to new ideas. Intellectually stimulating facilitates communication between logic and emotion. Promotes creativity, memory, strength of will. Pyrite is claimed to increase the oxygen supply to the blood, and strengthen the circulatory system in general.


Said to help in relieving kidney complaints, bladder and eye problems and to aid a poor digestion. When worn, thought to provide protection from ones enemies, and on long journeys, and to attract good luck.


Said to be both invigorating and stabilising, calming to the troubled mind, also said to improve the sense of smell and to overcome depression. Contains iron oxide which is used medically to control excessive bleeding, and thus it is claimed it can be helpful in overcoming blood disorders.


High lithium content benefits those with addictive behaviour. An excellent balancer for physical, mental and emotional compulsives. Alleviates anaemia, improves general  tissue regeneration. Creates balance.


This stones curative properties affect the throat, especially the voice. Encourages devotion, truth, loyalty, reliability, serenity and pragmatism.

Lapis Lazuli

Said to have the power to prevent fits, improve the eyesight, protect against strokes. Helps acquire wisdom and truth. Gives hope and awareness and helps cut through superficialities to find inner truth.


Contains copper and is claimed to be useful in the treatment of rheumatism, asthma, toothache, and to improve eyesight. Raises spirit and increases hope, health and happiness. Brings prosperity, assists wise rule, and helps with confusion and lack of purpose and insecurity.


Powerful healing stone, it is a meteorite  which during its 15 million years on earth has collected alot of healing vibrations. Used to ease brain imbalances and malfunctions. Moldavite also helps one to understand ones true purpose in life. A stone for transformation.


An opalescent feldspar, claimed to promote long life and happiness and loyalty towards the wearer. Helps soothe and balance emotion. In healing terms often used to reduce the excess fluid in the body.  Used by women suffering from PMT. Gives inspiration and helps obtain love and romance.

Obsidian Snowflake

A grounding stone – makes the user face up to responsibility. Dedicated to change, purification, fulfilment, inner growth. Deflects negative energy.


Reputed to improve concentration and devotion, which is perhaps why it is often found in rosary beads. Helps hearing and heart troubles, and ulcers.


Helps lung conditions. Assists in the control of one’s temper and calms the nerves. Aids development of psychic ability. Sometimes considered unlucky, perhaps because it cause ones thoughts, good or bad, to rebound upon oneself. Above all, it is a stone of love, but if a lover is false its influence is reversed, and the opal proves a sorry stone for faithless lovers.


A good anti-toxin gem, cleaning most organs and glands, an overall tonic for the body and mind. Can cleanse and heal hurt feelings, and help mend damaged relationships, also used in treating emotional states such as anger.

Quartz Crystal

So many uses and properties that it would need a whole book to itself. Attracts the power of light and energy, and is said to be an excellent, powerful general healer, and dynamic working tool which works on all levels.


Helps prevent mental breakdowns and balances physical and emotional traumas. Inspires forgiveness, heals emotional scars, attracts love. Helps one face reality and new situations.

Rose Quartz

Claimed to be the one of the best stones to use in the treatment of migraines and headaches. Calms emotions, helps suffering, due to emotional trauma, gives inner peace. A very healing stone for inner wounds, It promotes forgiveness, love and friendship, and makes one more receptive to beauty. The Venus Stone, it also promotes fertility.


Believed to increase levels of energy and divine creativity, and to improve ones confidence, spiritual wisdom, energy and courage. Often used to alleviate disorders of the blood, and in the treqtment of rheumatism and arthritis.

Rutilated Quartz

A powerful healer, said to be of particular benefit of respiratory complaints. Increases tissue regeneration. Improves decisiveness, strength of will.


One of the most powerful healing stones. Calms and clears troubled minds and stabilised emotions. Helps with loss of fertility, and can enhance the appearance of the skin.

Smokey Quartz

Disperses negative patterns and vibrations, and protects. Mildly sedative and relaxing, and a good balance of sexual energy. Used in meditation it helps explore the inner self by penetrating dark areas with light and love.


A good stone for oversensitive and defensive people, improves courage and endurance. Helps logical thought and widens the perspective. Reputed to assist in lowering blood pressure and balancing the metabolism. Aids sleep.


Helps strengthen and heal all body systems and gives heart to deal with the difficulties of life. Strong protective qualities. Excellent for meditation.

Tiger Eye

Believed to benefit digestive system, and to be good for asthma. Used to counteract feelings of hypochondria and to instill self-confidence. Good for clear thinking, and helps to see problems objectively, and to gain insight into ones own faults. Attracts good luck and protects from witchcraft.


Promotes general health, and helps overcome stress. Detoxifies body, is soothing, tranquilising, calming both mind and body.


A strong protector against misfortune, attracting inspiration, goodwill and friendship. Calms, gives self confidence and cheerfulness. Said to help with mental disorders and assist the troubled mind.


Tones and strengthens entire body, turquoise helps develop the ability to express oneself and verbalise freely. It is said that turquoise will grow pale on a sickly person and recover its colour when returned to a healthy state.


Calming and protecting against insomnia and depression, zircon is said to make one more pleasant and wise by strengthening the mind and raising self-esteem. General healer used to help in childbirth.


Said to strengthen and female reproductive organs and to increase fertility.